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If you’re looking for one of the best, quick weight loss programs in Northeast Nebraska, call us today about the TrueBody Program. This medically supervised, protein-based program achieves fast, long lasting weight loss through a customized nutritional plan, broken across three manageable phases. The TrueBody Program revolves around recommended daily menus, proper vitamins and minerals, and constant hydration, and it is tailored to your goals, body type, lifestyle habits, and food preferences. The program helps you set clear weight loss goals, and supports you to achieve them with lessons on nutrition and exercise, as well as regular coaching and motivation.

The program kick-starts weight loss with a temporary, but very effective, phase of restricted eating, followed by a second phase in which you make further lifestyle changes and incorporate new exercise techniques. TrueBody is one of the most effective quick weight loss programs in Northeast Nebraska because its third phase is all about helping you maintain and enjoy your goal weight with good nutrition, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

The TrueBody Program is supervised by a board-certified medical staff that makes sure you have a healthy weight loss journey, while sharing their expert knowledge of nutrition and exercise. It’s so successful because it builds in weekly and monthly coaching to keep you on track for your weight loss goals. Additionally, the program is extremely affordable; it is 30-40% less expensive than similar, nationally known protein-based weight loss programs.

The TrueBody Program is one of the best, quick weight loss programs in Northeast Nebraska, because it includes:

  • Initial health evaluation
  • Body composition test by Inbody 520. We’ll find out how many calories your body burns
  • Determining your goals, based on your body and your needs
  • Weekly reevaluations and lifestyle training
  • Customized healthy eating programs featuring protein-based meals, snacks, vitamins, and recipes
  • Inspirational daily, weekly, and monthly support
  • Tools for tracking your success
  • A transformation process to maintain your weight loss
  • Providing a True partnership to ensure your success

To shed excess pounds and inches, and transform your body and life with one of the top, quick weight loss programs in Northeast Nebraska, call us to make an appointment at (712) 224-2106 or (800) 207-3382 today!

TrueBody is now offering its full line of products at HyVee in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. HyVee is located at 3000 S. Minnesota Avenue. You can also call TrueBody at 605-274-8783 to learn more about our products.


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