Diet or change your lifestyle…What should I do?

Diet or change your lifestyle…What should I do?

When you diet, you traditionally stop doing something for a specific period of time.

  • Stop drinking soda
  • Stop eating chips
  • Stop eating fried foods
  • Stop fast food

Then what happens…You last for a day…week…month…and go back to eating those same unhealthy foods.

Change your LIFESTYLE!!!

You can do this by finding healthier alternatives with Less Calories, Less Fat, Less Sugar, and Less Salt.

If you had 20 less calories per day by changing your lifestyle…That would add up to 7,000 calories over a 50 week period which would equal 2 POUNDS OF FAT!!!

Now is the time to do something about your weight!! TrueBody can create a lifestyle changing program based on your needs!!

Lose the pounds forever with TrueBody!

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